Youth Worship January 9, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Posted below is the set for next weeks worship. If you are on the team please Arrive at the church at no later than 4:30 so that we can get started on time and have a little time to socialize between practice and youth group. Also notice I continued the trend of using Youtube videos instead of mp3 files this week so the keys may be different.
Thank you for being willing to serve,

Song List:
All in All [Chords] [Video]
Praise Adonai [Chords] [Video]
Shout to the North [Chords] [Video]
Hungry [Chords] [Video]

Acoustic Guitar – Stephanie Zarling
Keyboard – Trevor Weaver
Drums – Zach Fenlason
Bass Guitar – Thomas Bushnell
Vocals – Jordan Baker, Brooke Burkett, Thomas Bushnell, Stephanie Zarling