Youth Worship April 10, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Posted below is the set a for next weeks worship. If you are on the team please Arrive at the church at no later than 4:30 so that we can get started on time and have a little time to socialize between practice and youth group. Also FYI, I decided to use youtube videos instead of mp3 files this week so the keys may be different. Also, we may not be doing the songs in the keys given… Sorry, I am not that organized yet.
Thank you for being willing to serve,

Song List:
Light the Fire [Chords] [Video]
He Knows My Name [Chords] [Video]
Indescribable [Chords] [Video]
Praise Adonai [Chords] [Video]

Acoustic Guitar – Stephanie Zarling
Drums – Jordan Baker
Bass Guitar – Thomas Bushnell
Vocals – Brooke Burkett, Thomas Bushnell, Stephanie Zarling, Erika Zarling
Keyboard – Trevor Weaver