They Don’t Know You

They Don’t Know You
A. Olsson

They say this road is long and dark,
they say I won’t make it through,
they say that only the strong survive,
but precious lord they don’t know you.

They say love comes from earthly things,
they say that money can buy happiness,
they ask what good are grace and truth?
But precious lord, they don’t know you.

Precious Lord, help me to stand,
guide my feet to solid land,
keep me safely by your side,
till day break through
and ends the night.

They say this world, is my home,
that I must face it all alone,
they say I’m just a simple fool,
but precious lord they don’t know you.

then one day, when life is done,
I will turn my face toward the Son,
and I will see what has always been true,
that it was worth, knowing you.
Precious lord, just knowing you.

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