Sunday May 15th, 2011

2 Corinthians 9:11 I have made you rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion. Your generosity results in Thanksgiving to God. Love, Your God of Riches in Glory

Hello worshipers, hope you are all having a good week. I am including the music selections this week. I hope you are able to go through and spend time on the newer songs and refresh on those we’ve already done. If you need any help or have questions about any of the songs for next week, please let me know. In fact, any questions related to worship or anything that might be on your mind, I am hear to listen.

We will also be having a Tech Night on Thursday May 19th from 7pm-8pm. If you would like to know how things work behind the scenes, it would be great to have you. If you know anyone you think would be interested in being a part of the Tech Ministries (sound, MediaShout, Lights, Camera) please let them know about our special evening.

See you all Sunday.
God Bless,

Our music selection for May 15th are as follows: Opening:
“I love Your grace” (A)
“House of the Lord” (G)

Welcome: Call to Worship: SciptureJohn 14:13-18,21
“Glory to God” (A)
“Amazing Love” (D)

Prayer of Confession
“Your Holiness Surrounds Me” (E)
“Holy is the Lord on High” (Em)

Offertory: “Great God”(G)

Closing: “Lead me to the cross” (Bm)

This Week’s Team : 05/15/2011
(Bass) Jay Kristensen(Piano/Vocals) Tiffany Christie (A. Guitar) Jonathan Habel (E. Guitar) Jake Stoneking (Keyboards/Vocals) Ed Melendez(Drums) Mike Stokes (Percussion) Caleb Metroka (Vocals) Carol Crosby, Ashley Thompson, Caleb Andersen

Tech Team: (Sound/Audio) Mark Walters (MediaShout) Craig Blaker (Camera/Lights) Julie Herbst

Next Week’s Team : 05/22/2011
(Bass) Bob Larue (Piano/Vocals) Amber Olsson (A. Guitar) Jonathan Habel (E. Guitar) Jake Stoneking (Keyboards/Vocals) Ed Melendez (Drums) Mike Bloom (Percussion) Sylvia Vargo (Vocals) Tiffany Christie, Ashley Thompson, Ron Weins, Shane Shawn

Tech Team: (Sound/Audio) Mark Walters (MediaShout) Randy Chambers (Camera/Lights) Julie Herbst