July 31, 2011

Psalm 31:24
Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord!

Hello Team,
thank you all again for your worship on Sunday. We will be having communion this Sunday. Let us take this week to continue to meditate on what our Lord has done that allows us the ability to commune with him through his sacrifice and in the breaking of bread.

We also have another new song to be presented this week. It is written by Jake. (This and all other originals can be found on the www.ministrylounge.com website). He will present it during offertory.

This Week’s Rehearsal:
I wanted to also ask if there would be anyone oppose to having our rehearsal an hour early just for this week. So we would begin at 5pm. If there is a conflict please let me know, otherwise I will see everyone at 5pm. (Thanks!)

New Schedule:
Lastly as I am putting together August and September’s schedule please send over your availability or if you know you’re going to be out of town.

I also to want to make sure I am meeting your needs schedule wise.
Let me know if you would like to be on the schedule a little more or if you’d like to be scheduled just a little less. We want to use every one as much as they are available.

This Weeks Is As Follows:

Welcome – Ed Melendez

“Enter In” (E)
“Better Is One Day” (A)
“Mighty Is The King (A)

Greeting – Scott Yebba

“We Fall Down”(E)

Children Dismissed – Ed Melendez

“They Don’t Know You” (Eb)

Communion – Scott Yebba

Offertory – Ed Melendez

Reflection Off The Water

Message – Dick Crosby

Prayer – Dick Crosby

Closing Song – Ed Melendez

“Here I am to Worship”(E)

This Week’s Praise Team: 7/31/2011

(Bass) Bob Larue
(E. Guitar/A. Guitar) Jake Stoneking
(Keyboards/Vocals) Ed Melendez
(Viola) Corrina Yadon
(Drums) Mike Bloom
(Percussion) Sylvia Vargo
(Vocals) Tiffany Christie, Kathy Brenden, Danielle Zarling, Ron Weins

Tech Team:7/31/2011
(Sound/Audio) Mark Walters
(MediaShout) Brad Burns

Next Week’s Praise Team: 8/07/2011
(Bass) Bob Larue
(Piano/Vocal) Gary Blom
(A. Guitar) Jay Kristensen
(E. Guitar) Jake Stoneking
(Keyboards/Vocals) Ed Melendez
(Viola) Corrina Yadon
(Drums) Mike Bloom
(Percussion) Sylvia Vargo
(Vocals) Tiffany Christie, Kathy Brenden, Ron Weins

Tech Team: 8/07/2011
(Sound/Audio) Jonathan Habel
(MediaShout) Julie Herbst
(Camera/Lights) Thomas Bushnell

Thanks again for all of your hard work.

This Weeks Secret Word: Internalize