September 04, 2011

Deuteronomy 31:8
The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; Do not be discouraged.

Hello team, thank you all for your service and time last week. To those who were able to make our rehearsal I really excited about the progress on these new songs we are about to begin recording next week. Hope you can all again make it Thursday night for use to touch on the songs we will be preparing for our CD recording.

We are looking so schedule two recording session for our original “Hannaford Street” CD. Our recording date will be: Tuesday September 6th. We will most likely schedule our time from 6pm-8pm. The four songs that we will be recording are as follows: “Reflection off the Water”, “They Don’t Know You”, “Never Ceasing is Your Love”, and “Worthy is the Lamb of Glory”. Please have a listen to these and internalize them as best you can. We will be going live to tape.

This week’s worship is listed below. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Hope you are all having a blessed week.

Welcome – Ed Melendez
“Reflection Off The Water” (D)
“You Are Worthy, Hallelujah” (C)

Greeting – Ed Melendez
“Love Falls Like The Rain” (G)
“Revelation Song” (D)

Prayer – Ed Melendez
“As We Seek Your Face”(F)

Offertory – Ed Melendez
“I Will Trust In You” When No Fruit Is On The Vine (G)

Message – Pastor John Fenlason
Prayer – Pastor John Fenlason

Closing – Ed Melendez

This Week’s Praise Team: 09/04/2011
(Bass) Jonathan Habel
(Piano/Vocals) Amber Olsson
(A. Guitar) Jay Kristensen
(Keyboards/Vocals) Ed Melendez
(Viola) Corrina Yadon
(Drums) Mike Stokes
(Percussion) Mike Bloom
(Vocals) T. Christie, K.Brenden, C. Crosby, S. Shaw

This Week’s Tech Team: 09/04/2011
(Sound/Audio) Mark Walters
(MediaShout) Julie Herbst
(Camera/Lights) Thomas Bushnell

Next Week’s Praise Team: 09/11/2011
(Bass) Bob Larue
(Piano/Vocals) Amber Olsson
(A. Guitar) Jay Kristensen
(Keyboards/Vocals) Ed Melendez
(Viola) Corrina Yadon
(Drums) Mike Bloom
(Percussion) Sylvia Vargo
(Vocals) M. Thompson,T. Christie, K. Brende, A. Thompson, S. Shaw

Next Week’s Tech Team: 09/11/2011
(Sound/Audio) Jonathan Habel
(MediaShout) Julie Herbst
(Camera/Lights) Thomas Bushnell