October 27, 2011

Big Sky Big Sound Tour…

Set List:
“Let The Praises Ring” (E)
“Marvelous Light” (B)
“You Are Worthy, Hallelujah” (C)
“Never Ceasing Is Your Love” (C#)
“Jesus Lead On” (E)
“Holy Is The Lord On High” (Em)

Praise Team: 10/27/2011
(Piano/Vocals) Amber Olsson
(E. Guitar) Jonathan Habel
(E. Guitar/Vocals) Jake Stoneking
(A. Guitar/Vocals) Stephanie Zarling
(Bass) Jay Kristensen
(Keyboards/Vocals) Ed Melendez
(Viola) Corrina Yadon
(Drums) Mike Bloom
(Vocals) A.Thompson, K. Brenden, T. Christie

Tech Team: 10/27/2011
(Sound/Audio) Mark Walters
(Camera/Lights) Thomas Bushnell/Kevin Winegardner
(MediaShout)  Julie Herbst

Our sound check will be at 5pm.