October 21, 2018 (Worship @WMCI)

Wednesday Rehearsal (7:45 pm-8:45 pm) | Sunday Service (10 am-11:30 am) Saturday Rehearsal (4:oo pm-5:30 pm)

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Morning Greeting

Worship Music:
In The Sanctuary (C#m) | Chords
In Jesus Name (Db) | Chords
Every Praise (F) | Chords
Ever Be (A) | Chords

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Offering Prayer
Tithes & Offerings

Morning Offering:
Prayer for Offering

Offering Worship:
Open The Eyes (C) | Chords

Pastor Paul Mensah-Woode

Offering/Closing Worship:
Pastor Leads Corporate Prayer

Closing Prayer and Blessing:
Pastor Paul

Every Praise (Db) | Chords

Discipleship (After Service):
Pastor Pail and Paula Mensah-Woode