May, 2019 (Worship @WMCI)

May 26, 2019

Every Praise
Every Praise (Db) | Chords
Good, Good Father
Good, Good Father (A) | Chords 
Amazing Love
Amazing Love(D) | Chords 
Breathe (A) | Chords



Songs to learn
Melodies From Heaven
Melodies From Heaven(C) | Chords
Lord, I Believe In You
Lord, I Believe In You (Em) | Chords
Light The Fire
Light The Fire
 (F) | Chords
Jesus Lead On 
Jesus Lead On (E) | Chords
Same Power
Same Power (Em) | Chords
We Will Worship The Lamb Of Glory
We Will Worship The Lamb of Glory (E) | Chords
Come And See
Come And See (F) | Chords
Enter In
Enter In (E) | Chords
Great God
Great God (G) | Chords 
Hungry (I’m Falling On My Knees)
(C) | Chords 
He Reigns
He Reigns (D) | Chords
I Love Your Grace
I Love Your Grace (A) | Chords
I Will Trust You (When No Fruit Is On The Vine)
I Will Trust In  (G) | Chords
I See The Lord
I See The Lord  (E) | Chords
White Flag
White Flag (Eb) | Chords