May 19, 2019 (Worship @CUMC)

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Sermon Title
Together Again

Sermon Verse
Acts 11:1-18

Call To Worship
Mighty Is The King
Mighty Is The King (A) | Chords

Morning Greeting

Praise Song
Meet With Me
Meet With Me (A) | Chords
Lead Me To The Cross
Lead Me To The Cross (B) | Chords
We Will Worship The Lamb Of Glory
We Will Worship The Lamb of Glory
 (E) | Chords
In Christ Alone
In Christ Alone (A) | Chords

Scripture Reading
Acts 11:1-18

Together Again
Prayer of Application
Lord’s Prayer

Heart Of Worship
Heart Of Worship (D) | Chords

Prayer of Dedication
Rev. David Armie

Praise Song (Closing)
White Flag
White Flag (Eb) | Chords

(Rev. David)

Praise Song