May 05, 2013

1 Thessalonians 3:13
May he strengthen your hearts so that you will be blameless and holy in the presence of our God and Father when our Lord Jesus comes with all his holy ones.

May the good Lord fill you with his many blessings and His unending mercy this week.

Looking forward to seeing you all for our rehearsal on Thursday @6:30pm and Sunday mornings rehearsal @7:15am.

Pastor Ed

Tech/Media Team:
Sound/Audio: Mark Walters/Ethan Wheeler
Multimedia: Julie Herbst
Camera/Lights: Craig Blaker

Praise Team: 
Bass: Thomas Bushnell
Piano: Trevor Weaver
A. Guitar: Jonathan Habel
E. Guitar: Ben Bushnell
Drums: Zach Fenlason
Percussion: Sylvia Vargo
Keyboards: Ed Melendez
Vocalists: Corinne Erdahl, Hannah OʼConnor, Stephanie Zarling, Marvin Mace, Shane Shaw

Early Worship
Salt and Light (B) | Chords
Enter In (E) | Chords

Good Morning
I Love Your Grace (A) | Chords
Praises Rising (G) | Chords


Sermon Review (Q&A)
Pastor John Fenlason

God Of The City (C#) | Chords

Special Music/Performance
Dance  – The Prayer
Chiko Olson, Marian Jittu, Ed Melendez

Pastor Dick Crosby

Lord Give Us America (E) | Chords