June 17, 2012

Psalm 27:14 
Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

We server a Good God and Mighty King! Let us continue to seek Him and His will as we continue our week. We will be sharing Father’s Day with our congregation this Sunday as well. Please be in prayer for those who’s father’s are away this year and for those who’s father’s are no longer with us. Let our heavenly father be our comfort and our rest.
I have our order of worship for this week below. We have a few modifications for this week’s songs selections as well. The pastor would like the song, ‘Your Great Name’, added and sung before the message. Offertory will  be taken before our special music.  We will do the song ‘I will Follow’ next week. So please have a good listen. Next week we will also have Brent Furlong join us on drums. So please be in prayer for him as well. I will also have Next week’s worship order out tomorrow. Any questions, as always, feel free to ask. All music and information can be found at www.ministrylounge.com


Let the Lord Bless You All This Week,
In His Strong Name,

Early Worship
Forever (A) [Chords] [Mp3]
Yesterday, Today and Forever (Bb) [Chords] [Mp3]
Good Morning

Enter In (E) [Chords] [Mp3]


God Of Wonders (F) [Chords] [Mp3]
Revelation Song (D) [Chords] [Mp3]


Worthy Is The Lamb Of Glory (Gm) [Chords] [Mp3]

Special Music

Your Great Name (Gm) [Chords] [Mp3]

Message Pastor Crosby

Prayer  Pastor Crosby

Your Great Name (Gm) [Chords] [Mp3]


Worship Team: 06/17/2012
Bass: Jonathan Habel
Piano/Vocals: Amber Olsson  
A. Guitar: Angie Luchau 
Drums: Mike Bloom
Percussion: Sylvia Vargo
Keyboards/Vocals: Ed Melendez
Vocalists: Carol Crosby, Tiffany Christie, Ashely Thompson, Caleb Andersen


Tech Team: 06/17/2012
Audio/Sound: Mark Walters
Media Shout: Randy Chambers
Camera/Lights: Ron Henry