Hannaford Live Worship CD Project

Hello worshippers, this is the first post for the upcoming Hannaford Live Worship CD. We are asking for original songs from those of you who enjoy writing worship lyrics or music. We are going to plan for 12 original worship songs, and then in late August we are planing a special evening of worship where we will record the entire CD live durning our worship service.  These worship CD’s will be given out to those who will be attending this year’s conference. Please talk to Ed about your submission and we will have a listening party in which we will take a listen to those songs submitted and select the songs for the project.

We ask for humble hearts during this process and your prayers during this entire project. Our purpose is to give glory to our Lord and our God through song. It is our hope to use the music God has blessed Hannaford with and make it available to everyone.

We will continue to keep everyone posted on our progress. You can continue to come back here to view any new submissions and updates. If you have any questions or would like to be a part of this project please contact ed. 406-449-2273 Ex. 25