Sunday February 22nd 2009

Hello All,

Here are the selection for this Sunday morning. We are also privileged this Sunday to be a part of the baptism of Kenneth De Vries. So be in prayer for that this week. We will also be leading the prelude and offertory. I have included links to the chord charts of the songs and music below. Feel free to download and listen to them or burn them onto a CD.

We will be opening with the song “Lord Most High (E)”, then the song “Arms of Love (E)”. We will be playing a song for the baptism titled “Train Up This Child”. The offertory song will be “Cry of My Heart” and our song of response will be “The Servant Song.” Also if we are able and have some time. I would like to do a couple of other praise songs for prelude as well. We’ll see how it goes. But they would be song we are all familiar with. 

God Bless you all this week,