February 02, 2020 (Worship @CUMC)

  1. Never Ceasing Is Your Love 4:22
  2. The Heart of Worship 4:07
  3. Mighty Is The King 5:27
  4. Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble 4:37
  5. Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord 4:06
  6. You Are My All In All 4:01
  7. Trading My Sorrows (Yes Lord) 3:35

Lyrics/Charts [PDF Download]

Call To Worship
Never Ceasing Is Your Love (C#) | Chords

Morning Greeting

Praise Song
Heart Of Worship (D) | Chords

Rev. David Armie

Praise Song
Mighty Is The King (A) | Chords
Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble (D) | Chords
Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord (E) | Chords

Scripture Reading
Matthew 4:23 – 5:12


Prayer of Thanksgiving
Lord’s Prayer

Breaking The Bread, Sharing The Cup
You Are My All In All  (G) | Chords
Trading My Sorrows (G) | Chords

Prayer of Dedication
Rev. David Armie

Calvary Times
Rev. David Armie

Praise Song (Closing)
Amen (G) | Chords

Blessings (Rev. David)