East Helena Rodeo Parade Picnic July 14, 2012

MP3’s for event East Helena Rodeo Parade/Picnic on the 14th of July. New chord charts and music mp3’s are below. Next Rehearsal Friday July 13, 1pm @Hannaford Street Bible Church.

1.) He Reigns (F) [MP3] [Chords]
2. ) Forever (A) [MP3]  [Chords]
3. ) Made To Worship (A) [MP3]  [Chords]
4. ) Salt and Light (B) [MP3]  [Chords]
5.) Everlasting God (B) [MP3]  [Chords]
5.) Days Of Elijah (A) [MP3]  [Chords]
6.) Blessed Be Your Name (B) [MP3]  [Chords]
7.) Love Has Come (C) [MP3]  [Chords]
8.) God Of Wonders (F) [MP3]  [Chords]
9.) How Great Is Our God (B) [MP3]  [Chords]
10.) Praise Song (A) [MP3]  [Chords]
11.) The Mission (D) [MP3]  [Chords]
12.) Forever Reign (C) [MP3]  [Chords]