August 26th, 2012

Psalm 27:1
The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Hello team,  blessings to you all. We have a very important week coming up. This Sunday we will be joining thousands of churches, fellowships and home study groups to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Harvest America will be an incredible opportunity to present the message of salvation to the lost. I am going to call upon each of you who are part of Hannaford’s worship ministry to help be a part of this event. As I mentioned, we will need strong believers to help usher in those making this important and life changing decision for Christ. If you are available I would love to see, not only you and your family at the event but also see you lend yourself to be a councilor. That simply means praying and assisting those who may make a decision that evening. I will have more info available Thursday night.

The music for the event will be provided by the groups at the live event being streamed. So the worship team will not be needed to lead music for this event. So it is critical that you can make yourself available to help in other areas such as counseling and pray. The event starts at 4pm and goes until 7:30pm.

The music for this Sunday is listed below. Continue to be in prayer for all those who are making decisions to no only come to the event but also to make a decision for Christ. We will still have a time of prayer in the fellowship room at 10:05am Sunday morning for the event. Hope to see you there as well.

Thank you all again for your time and talents,
In His Strong Name, 

Early Worship
Indescribable (E) [Chords] [Mp3]
House of the Lord (G) [Chords] [Mp3]

Good Morning
Never Ceasing is Your Love (C#) [Chords] [Mp3]

Mighty To Save  (A) [Chords] [Mp3]
I love Your Grace [Chords] [Mp3]

What Joy (E) [Chords] [Mp3]

Pastor John Fenlason

Never Ceasing is Your Love (C#) [Chords] [Mp3]

Praise Team: 08/26/2012
Bass: Jay Kristensen
Piano/Vocal: Tiffany Christy
A. Guitar: Jonatan Habel
E. Guitar: Garry Yaddon
Drums: Mike Bloom
Percussion: Jordan Baker
Viola: Corrina Yaddon
Keys/Vocals: Ed Melendez
Vocals: Hannah O’Connor, Tiffany Christy, Ashley Thompson

Tech Team: 08/26/2012
Sound: Ron Henry
Media Shout: Craig Blaker
Camera/Lights: Randy Chambers