August 18, 2019 (Worship@Covenant)

  1. Beautiful One 5:51
  2. Forever 3:50
  3. Amazing Love 5:09
  4. How Deep The Father's/Yes Jesus Loves Me 5:51
  5. Come Thou Fount 3:51
  6. Here I Am To Worship (Light oF The World) 7:05

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Tech/Media Team
Sound/Audio: Scott Sabin
MultiMedia: Jusett Fralick

Praise/Worship Team
Bass: Ann Yenne
A. Guitar: Andy Fletcher
Keyboard: Ed Melendez
Percussion: Lisa Craig
Drums: Steve Rabey
Piano: John Bystroff
Vocals: Heidi Griffin, Daniel Corkum, Sharon Gray, Ed Melendez


Introduction Of Pastor Candidate and Family
PNC & Steve Nofel

Gathering Song
Ed Melendez & Music Team
Beautiful One
Beautiful One (G) | Chords

Scripture & Welcome
Rev. Jeff Kintner
Greeting of God’s People

Passing of Peace
Announcement Slides

Prayers of the People
Rev. Jeff Kintner
Petitions & Supplication

Praise/Worship Music
Forever (A) | Chords
Amazing Love
Amazing Love (D) | Chords
How Deep The Father’s Love For Us/Yes, Jesus Loves Me
How Deep The Father’s Love/Yes Jesus Loves Me (D) | Chords  |  Chords

Ed Melendez & Music Team
Come Thou Fount (Hymn)
Come Thou Fount (C) | Chords


“Loved You First”
Rev. Jeff Kintner
1 John 4:7-21


Rev. Jeff Kintner
Partaking in the cup and the bread

Communion Music
Ed Melendez & Music Team
Light Of The World (Here I Am To Worship)
Light Of The World (E) | Chords

Prayer After Communion
Rev. Jeff Kintner
Petitions & Supplication

Ed Melendez & Music Team

Rev. Jeff Kintner