April 15, 2012

Psalm 27:1
“The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear, the lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid.”

Hello team, thanks to all who gave their time and talent in tech and music for our Good Friday and Easter services. Many shared with me how blessed they were by both services. We had about eighty decisions to follow or recommit Christ on Easter morning, God is so good!

I have our selections for this week’s service any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Early Worship
Everlasting God(B)
“Forever” (A)

Welcome – Ed Melendez
“Beautiful One” (G)
“Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord” (G#)
“Never Ceasing Is Your Love” (C#)

Greeting – Ed Melendez

Missions Minute – Michael Ryder

“You Are In Control” (D)

Offertory – Ed Melendez
“At The Cross” (E)

Message – Pastor John Fenlason
Prayer – Pastor John Fenlason

Closing – Ed Melendez
Everlasting God” (B)

Praise Team: 04/15/2012
(Bass) Jonathan Habel
(Piano/Vocals) Amber Olsson
(A. Guitar) Stephanie Zarling
(E. Guitar) Jake Stobeking
(Keyboards/Vocals) Ed Melendez
(Viola) Corrina Yadon
(Drums) Caleb Meatroka
(Percussion) Sylvia Vargo
(Vocals) C.Crosby, Kathy Brenden

Tech Team: 04/152012
(Sound/Audio) Ron Henry
(MediaShout) Randy Chambers
(Camera/Lights) Thomas Bushnell

Newt Week

Praise Team: 04/22/2012
(Bass) Bob Larue
(Piano/Vocals) Gary Blom
(Viola) Corrina Yadon
(Drums) Mike Bloom
(Vocals) Caleb Andersen, John Fenlason, Mitchel Wheeler, Ted Weeks, Ron Wiens

Tech Team: 04/22/2012
(Sound/Audio) Ron Henry
(MediaShout) Brad Burns
(Camera/Lights) Julie Herbst