May 13, 2012

1 Peter 5:6-7
Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

This Week’s Worship…
Hello team, many blessings to each of you as you go through your week. I have this week’s worship selections below and I have completed the scheduling for the next three months, May -July.

We are also modifying the order of our worship service slightly. Starting this Sunday we will open with our “Welcome/Greeting/Announcement time at the beginning of our service. Then proceed with the music part of our worship. Our hope is that this will help build a more cohesive flow to our service.

Thanks to all who provided me with their schedules. It was an immense help to me. Please print or save these schedules for your own to review. These are the resources I copy from when sending out the weekly email. So if you see a discrepancy please look to these copies for validation. Any changes in schedules please let me know as soon as possible, as one change can have a ripple effect. So the sooner I can make the correction the better.

New Music…
I am still looking for new music and original songs. Would still like to produce a new CD of worship for our 2012 Conference. If you have any song ideas, I would love to start putting them together. See me and let’s set up a time to make this happen.

Thoughts for this week…
We have a number of songs we will be adding during these next three months in additional to the many we have already introduced as a ministry. I realized your time is valuable and in that, I would ask that you find a little extra time to go through the music sets I have put together for the next three months. There is a link on the website called ‘Music Schedule”. Although the sets of music for each of these weeks are not final (things may cause a song or two to be changed), I would still want us as a ministry to be more proactive. Find when you are leading in worship and what songs you will be leading with. Take the time to truly listen and learn what we are singing about, and who we are singing them too. This can have a great impact on how we worship. Confidence in our music and in our creator can only enhance what we do Sunday mornings.

I would also like you take the time to listen to and learn songs not specific to your time of leading as well. Ideally listening to as much of the music we lead worship with can only help build your confidence and relationship in worship. I realized this requires time, effort, and energy, but I also realized our Lord is worth ever minute of that time. I will pray opportunities open up that allow you the time to take such steps.

You are all very gifted and I know our Lord deserves our very best. Let us continue to strive for that and his blessings will overflow.
In His Strong Name.


Early Worship
“Yesterday, Today and Forever” (Bb)
“Light The Fire Again” (F)

“Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord” (G#m)
“Never Ceasing Is Your Love” (C#)
“You Are In Control” (D)
“O’ Righteous God” (C#m)

“Hungry” (C)

“Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord” (G#m)

Praise Team 05/13/2012
Bass: Jonathan Habel
Piano/Vocals: Amber Olsson
A. Guitar: Angie Luchau
E. Guitar: Garry Yaden
Drums: Mike Stokes
Percussion: Caleb Matroka
Keyboards/Vocals: Ed Melendez
Viola: Corrina Yadon
Vocalists: Tiffany Christie, Katherine Azurdia, Ron Weins, Caleb Andersen

Tech Team 05/13/2012
Sound/Audio: Ron Henry
Media Shout: Randy Chambers
Lights: Julie Herbst