March 2016

****March 2016****
Everlasting God (B) | Chords
I Surrender All (Hymnal #275)
Salt And Light (B) | Chords
Here I Am To Worship (E) | Chords
You’re Beautiful (Eb) | Chords
Glorify Thy Name (Hymnal #249)

Forever (A) | Chords
Christ The Solid Rock (Hymnal #406)
Your Grace Is Enough (A) | Chords
You Are In Control (D) | Chords
Shout To The Lord (A) | Chords
Soon And Very Soon (D) | Chords

Salt And Light (B) | Chords
O The Deep Deep (Hymnal #409)
Indescribable (E) | Chords
Mighty To Save (A) | Chords
God You Reign (D) | Chords
Open Our Eyes Lord (Hymnal#499)

Never Ceasing Is Your Love (C#) | Chords
Come Thou Fount (Hymnal #406)
You Are In Control (D) | Chords
Came to My Rescue (C) | Chords
Christ Is Risen (F) | Chords
Amazing Grace (Hymnal #330)