08/27 Leading Worship @OpenBibleChurch

Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

[Worship/Music Team]
(A. Guitar, Sax, Harmonica) Ed Carter
(A. Guitar) Mainor Araya
(Drums) Jay Mitchell
(Percussion) Drew Parrott
(Keys/Vocals) Ed Melendez
(Vocal Choir/Praise Singers) All Invited

[Tech/Media Team]
(Audio/Visual) Vanois Queen/ Mel Gish
(Audio/Visual) Mike James

The music selections and order of worship for our Sunday morning service are as follows:

With Members of Worship Team 

Service Begins/Welcome
Forever (A) | Chords
We Fall Down (E) | Chords
Lord I Believe In You (Em) | Chords

Inspirational Video
“What is the Church?”

Prayer Requests/Praise Reports
Time of Prayer 

Receiving Morning Tithes & Offerings

Pre-Sermon Song 
We Will Worship The Lamb of Glory (E) | Chords

Morning Sermon
Message From Pastor 

Invitation to Discipleship
From Pastor 

Closing Song
Soon And Very Soon (D) | Chords